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Treating Dental Phobia

Today, dental care is much more comfortable than ever.  Dentists are directing more effort into making their offices a place to receive high-quality care in a comfortable and relaxing manner.  New technologies and practices have emerged that have given patients fewer reasons to fear going to the dentist.

Needles used for sedation are smaller and more disposable.  Since needles are not used repeatedly, patients experience less pain when receiving injections.  The rate at which medicine pressure reaches the gums can also be controlled, preventing discomfort from the initial pressure of syringe injections.

Sedation is another way to reduce pain and calm dental anxiety.  Nitrous oxide is used to help patients relax during surgically intensive procedures.  Intravenous conscious sedation can also be safely applied to ease the effects of pain and discomfort.  Conscious sedation keeps you awake, but makes you unresponsive to what your experiencing.

If you have a history of dental phobia, you are welcome to call us and talk it over.  We will help you work on what is bothering you about visiting the dentist and any past experiences you have had.  The more you open up to us, the better in which we can help you.

Please call us at (818) 900-2385 to speak about your dental anxieties.